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Babe Formula

Babe Formula Avo Babe Hair Masque - Tub (450g)

Babe Formula Avo Babe Hair Masque - Tub (450g)

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Behold: the newest avo-mazing member of the Babe fam: Avo Babe Hair Day! Hair Masque!

AVO BABE HAIR MASQUE by Babe Formula is an intensive, moisturizing treatment enriched with Avocado Oil and a Tri-Keratin complex.

Whatever your hair issue is-  hair breakage, split ends, dandruff and dryness - solve it once and for all with the hydrating fusion of avocado oil and tri-keratin Avo Babe Hair Day. 


  • Moisturizes and nourishes dry and frizzy hair
  • Restores life to dull, damaged hair due to chemical treatments
  • Makes hair stronger, shinier and silkier


  1. Deeply cleanse hair with your favorite Babe shampoo.
  2. Squeeze out excess water.
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb to detangle hair.
  4. Apply a generous amount of Avo Babe Hair Day! Hair Masque, working through the hair thoroughly.
  5. Wrap hair in a shower cap or a towel for at least 20 minutes or longer, depending on hair's condition.
  6. Rinse completely with lukewarm water.
  7. Towel dry hair.
  8. Style as usual.
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