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Bikini Whitening Set

Bikini Whitening Set

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Dreading the summer because you’re not ready to wear a swimsuit?

If you’re looking for a safe and effective way to lighten your bikini area, Beautederm has the solution! Be bikini-ready all year round.


  • Slowly sloughs off darkened skin in the bikini area via micro peeling
  • Whitens and evens out skin tone

Ultralite Soap (125g) - Cleanses and exfoliates skin Nourishes and whitens skin Has Algowhite, Glutathione, and Collagen

Bikini Cream 20g - The sensitive formula gently and quickly removes hair around tender bikini lines without nicks, cuts, or razor bumps. Infused with green tea extracts, it leaves skin soft and smooth.

Bleaching Cream 20g - Also known as skin lightening products, whiteners, skin brighteners, or fading creams—work by reducing a pigment called melanin in the skin. Most people who use lighteners do so to treat skin problems such as age spots, acne scars, or discoloration related to hormones.

Hydrocortisone 10g - Is a topical steroid that reduces the actions of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. Topical is used to treat inflammation of the skin caused by a number of conditions such as allergic reactions, eczema, or psoriasis.


  1. Wash the area with the Ultralite Soap twice a day and pat dry.
  2. Apply the Bleaching cream to the bikini area until the skin micropeels. Do this every night.
  3. While skin is peeling, do not wash the bikini area with soap.
  4. When the skin has totally peeled off, wash the area again with the Ultralite Soap.
  5. Use the Bikini cream to even out the color of your newly peeled skin with the rest of your skin. Do this every night.
  6. Continue the use of the Ultralite Soap and Bikini Cream until you reach the desired skintone.
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