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Hey Pretty Skin

Tinted Sunscreen

Tinted Sunscreen

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Shield your skin from the sun with Hey Pretty Skin Sunscreen! This tinted SPF protects you from the sun's rays with natural ingredients and no icky chemicals. Plus it's super gentle, keeping your skin hydrated and comfy all day long. Put your summer worries behind you (and your sunscreen on!) – you're good to glow!

  •  Rich in antioxidants, its nourishing supplements aid in battling premature signs of aging and damage from free radicals.
  • Perfect for all skin types.
  • Prevents UV-induced skin exacerbation and cruelty-free sunscreen.
  • It has lightweight coverage with a brightening effect, making your skin glow naturally without an oily feeling. 
  • Infused using 3-in-1 skin care technology combined with a primer, moisturizer, and sunscreen in just one pack!
  • Paraben-free, hypoallergenic, won’t clog your pores, suitable for acne-prone skin.  Dermatologist tested.


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