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White Choco Mocha Glow-tathione - Keto Drink

White Choco Mocha Glow-tathione - Keto Drink

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Start your body goals journey in style with Ori-gee's White Choco Mocha Glow-tathione - Keto Drink, the coffee that gets things poppin'! Made with natural and high quality ingredients, this power-ups your body's fat-burning abilities while keeping cravings away. Plus, it's packed with skin-loving collagen and glutathione, making it a true two-in-one treat for you and your bod! Let the glow-tathione be your partner-in-crime to a healthier and more beautiful you!

White Choco Mocha Glow-tathione is a delicious Keto drink perfect for diets, boosting energy levels, and supporting glowing skin. Just empty the sachet into a cup, add 150ML of hot or cold water, and stir well to dissolve the powder for a tasty and nourishing beverage.

  • Box -  21 grams per sachet ( included 10 sachets )
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